Hong Kong Art School is closely monitoring the recent developments in relation to the Coronavirus outbreak, the operational days of the School Gallery will have to be reviewed and adjusted according to the situation. Please kindly note the School Gallery with exhibition “In the Course of Dancing, from Nightfall to Darkness” is temporarily closed today. However, the exhibition is now extended to May 23, 2020.

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“In the course of Dancing, from Nightfall to Darkness” is the world of city dwellers caught in the becoming of darkness. They respond to the absence of the light and the invasion of the black through the act of painting, to withstand and resist with their conscious minds, moving bodies and involuntary strokes.

The act of creation – at times flowing, at times staying still; sometimes repetitive, sometimes spontaneous – is a process of connecting the outside and the inside. Every painter has her own way of moving her hands and body – her unique dance – is an interaction with time, space and herself, through leaving marks on surfaces.

The exhibition is an experiential journey orchestrated with paintings and media artworks by five artists. The audience are invited to enter from any point of departure, to encounter motion and rhythm from within, among and beyond the imagery.

Dance along.

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